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About Bell Plating

Bell Plating is used in creating the Plated Bells and the Master Bells. It's used to upgrade lower tier bells to higher tiers using Luminous Paste.

Types of Bell Plating

Silver Plating

Quartz Plating

Redstone Plating

Lazurite Plating

Gold Plating

Diamond Plating

Ender Plating

Emerald Plating

Crafting Bell Plates 

Verson 3.5 and After

Crafting Silver Plating

1 Block of Iron
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Quartz Plating

1 Block of Quartz
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Redstone Plating

1 Block of Redstone
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Lazurite Plating

1 Block of Lapis Lazuli
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Gold Plating

1 Block of Gold
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Diamond Plating

1 Block of Diamond
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Ender Plating

1 Eye of Ender
1 Bell Hammer

Crafting Emerald Plating

1 Block of Emerald
1 Bell Hammer

Pre-Version 3.5

Smelting Silver Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Iron

Smelting Quartz Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Quartz

Smelting Redstone Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Redstone

Smelting Lazurite Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Lapis Lazuli

Smelting Gold Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Gold

Smelting Diamond Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Diamond

Smelting Ender Plating

Smelt 1 Eye of Ender

Smelting Emerald Plating

Smelt 1 Block of Emerald