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Modpack Requests

You may redistribute DaBells in your modpack without requesting permission.

Proof of Permission

You may use this link: http://dabells.wikia.com/wiki/Modpack_Requests as proof of permission.


  1. Your pack must include at least five mods (including DaBells), and you must have permission to use all the mods in your pack.
  2. Wherever your pack is distributed (such as a site or blog), please express that DaBells is a part of your pack.
  3. This download location must either include a list of 'Credits' or an explicit link to a list of 'Credits' in a Credits Page. The 'Credits' must include 'SkyNetAB Team' as the developers and a link to http://mods.atomicbase.com (Please note: a 'Credits' text file included in your modpack with this information will satisfy the third condition.)
  4. Please, share a link of your pack using the comment box below: We will display the link to your pack here.
  5. You may not directly charge money for your modpack.. Click-through-sites such as AdFly are fine by us; however, they might not be for other developers whose mods you include in your pack. Please, check with these other developers first.

Finally, if these conditions cannot be met, we ask that you do not include DaBells in your modpack. We reserve the right to revoke redistribution permissions or change these conditions at any time.

Modpacks Using DaBells

Skynet Modpack

Expanded Worlds Modpack